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April 25, 2016

Over a wine date last week, A and I agreed that we needed to get away this weekend and spend some time exploring a new setting together. With this trip, we wanted to schedule some time to just catch up with each other, but also explore what we have in mind for our future. Traveling is a great way to to do this, especially when you’re stuck on a train for a few hours! I am always on the go, literally. With work running into the early hours of the morning at times, I barely saved enough time to pack for our weekend trip to Washington, DC. My well-practiced packing skills have become more refined throughout my travels, and gathering my go to items for a weekend getaway can be done in 5 simple, time saving steps, all with style in mind, of course.

1. Start with the basics. When packing for all of 48 hours, reach for your wardrobe staples that will be the foundation of your outfits for the weekend. A simple white or black t-shirt can turn a comfortable option into a stylish outfit of the day. Building on practical pieces in your closet by adding a belt or statement jacket will help bring your look together.

2. Add some stripes. You can never go wrong with adding structured lines to your look. I always opt for a striped item to bring along with me. This time, I chose a cotton striped button down. This collared long-sleeve was perfect for the unpredictable spring showers that welcomed us into D.C. on Saturday morning.

3. Throw in a trendy pick. This is when I start to realize how overwhelmed packing can become. I have too many looks I’m aiming for and want to bring every spring uniform I have, waiting for me to wear in my closet. This decision can start to feel like life or death. Pick one trending style that you can where out at night, or throughout the following day with one of your staple items. This not only helps to answer the ever daunting question of to take or not to take when packing, but it also helps save time when planning your night out look. Culottes were the winning pick in my closet this time around.

4. Commit to two pairs. Another road block in my packing is deciding on how many shoes I allow myself to bring. For a weekend away, commit to two pairs. Choose a stylish flat or comfortable tennis shoe that will go with your day look, and then a heel that you can switch to for the night. Sometimes I get away with sneaking an extra pair in A’s weekender bag, but I don’t always get so lucky. Committing to two pairs is the smart choice, I promise you.

5. Repack. Its simple. This is by far, the best tip I can leave you with. Repacking helps to weed out anything you tried to throw in there, but can’t justify bringing. Sometimes I pack extras as a security blanket, but if I know there is a good chance I won’t wear the item or even take it out of my suitcase once I get to my destination, then it doesn’t need to come along with me in the first place. Repacking helps to really make your weekend lighter in every sense of the word. Minimal packing, maximum experience.

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L is for

February 9, 2016

Laughing, loungewear, lingerie, the little things, lift tickets, and love. As my relationship and definition of love have matured throughout time, A and I have created our own tradition of how we celebrate Valentines Day each year. Instead of going out to a candlelit dinner, exchanging gifts, sending flowers and chocolates, we choose to create a new memory by going on an adventure to add to our journey together. Although, A has a difficult time of sticking to the ‘no gift rule’, this year we decided to grab a pair of lift tickets to spend the upcoming weekend skiing, something we haven’t done yet as a couple. Gifting moments to each other holds so much more value in our relationship than any material gift A could ever get me. But…A never follows the rules completely. I will admit, he did a good job breaking them. Check out the little things below that I am definitely planning on packing for my snow-filled cozy weekend getaway. What are your Valentines Day traditions?!


Lingerie //Loungewear (on sale now!) //Sunnies (for the sunny slopes)// Nail Polish // Tom Ford Perfume

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