Seeing Checkered

September 14, 2017

Before any trip, I always do a little research to seek out what I imagine will be one of my favorite tourist spots. I use this prediction as inspiration around the outfits and pieces I bring along with me. The Jardin Palais du Royal was definitely the focal point of inspiration for the patterns and colors I had in mind. When I found this perfectly retro houndstooth blazer, I knew it would make a star appearance in Paris with the back drop of the Palais du Royal striped columns. This blazer made me reminisce of the ones I find in my Papa’s closet, its like a great vintage find. The weather was sunny, moderate, and called for transitional pieces. It served as a great transitional staple for the fall-like weather in Paris. I repurposed it at night as outerwear over a silk camisole, and its lightweight but oversized fit did the trick for our chillier al fresco (excuse my Italian) nights.


What are your favorite fall transitional pieces?




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