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February 9, 2016

Laughing, loungewear, lingerie, the little things, lift tickets, and love. As my relationship and definition of love have matured throughout time, A and I have created our own tradition of how we celebrate Valentines Day each year. Instead of going out to a candlelit dinner, exchanging gifts, sending flowers and chocolates, we choose to create a new memory by going on an adventure to add to our journey together. Although, A has a difficult time of sticking to the ‘no gift rule’, this year we decided to grab a pair of lift tickets to spend the upcoming weekend skiing, something we haven’t done yet as a couple. Gifting moments to each other holds so much more value in our relationship than any material gift A could ever get me. But…A never follows the rules completely. I will admit, he did a good job breaking them. Check out the little things below that I am definitely planning on packing for my snow-filled cozy weekend getaway. What are your Valentines Day traditions?!


Lingerie //Loungewear (on sale now!) //Sunnies (for the sunny slopes)// Nail Polish // Tom Ford Perfume

For more loungewear check out these favorites too!

J. Crew








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